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[S] Terezi: Remem8er

Homestuck is a long-running webcomic by Andrew Hussie and several guest artists, combining elements of a webcomic, text adventure, role-playing games, and flash animations. The animations themselves combine the art of all the artists involved set to music that was composed for the webcomic. The guest art plays like an animatic, while all the actual flash animation is doneby Hussie himself.

Hardest Boss EVER – CatFat

Let’s Play channel GameGrumps was founded by Newgrounds animator Egoraptor, so it makes sense that every once in a while he organizes a collaboration with a Youtube/Tumblr/Reddit animator in which they animate a sound clip from one of the Grumps’ episodes. I found this particular video really cute, and I found it interesting that it plays like an animatic, with the action parts having more frames than the non-action parts.

Draw with Me – Mike Inel

This video was extremely popular around the mid to late 2000s and was spread around artist hubs like deviantArt and sheezyart. It was a big influence on how I viewed animation less as a huge industry that is super hard to break into without being Disney and more of something that people can do in their own homes if they had the right tools! I really love the sketchy feel to it, almost like it was done with pencil and paper, and I also love the atmosphere that the artist created in After Effects.